Pietrzyk Pierogi

Me being a Polack, I am partial to polish food. It’s the greatest food known to man, in my opinion.

I got to spend an afternoon with Erica and her friend Nelly at Pietrzyk Pierogi to capture the awesome pierogi that they make/create.

As soon as I walked into Pietrzyk Pierogi HQ, the smell of salty, sweetness filled the air. Butternut squash, pear, and bacon were in the oven baking, which would be part of the filling for the brand new, unnamed pierogi they was about to make.

After everything was out of the oven and cooled down, scooping and chopping commenced.

Everything was then combined into a bowl along with spices and mixed together.

Erica’s proprietary dough recipe is housed inside her brain so no one knows how to make it except her. All of the ingredients were added to the mixer to create the dough that will eventually house the filling.

When it comes to pierogi, the dough needs to be thin. That is my only pet peeve! Thick dough makes for a gross pierogi if you ask me.

The only way to get started is to roll the dough out in preparation for the filling.

The filling is scooped onto the dough in a spaced out pattern.

A portion of the dough is then flipped over the filling so it can be smashed down to encase it.

A round cookie cutter is used to cut away each pierog to separate it from the rest of the dough.

It is then pinched to ensure each side of the dough is sealed.

One of the last steps is to boil them to cook and prep the dough so it is subtle and soft.

They are removed one by one and placed on a tray to be flash frozen.

Of course, the very last step was to go to The Old Miami to eat the new pierogi that Erica and Nelly created!

The name of the pierogi, you ask? THE HONEY TRiNiTY

Having never been in the presence of pierogi being made, I was in pure awe while capturing the process. What might seem like an easy process is indeed not. The time, love, and effort put into making each and every one of them showed, that’s for damn sure.

A very big thank you to Erica and Nelly for allowing me to shadow them to capture this photo documentary! It was something that had been in the works for a couple months, and I am glad to finally get over there, create it, and release it so everyone can see.

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It’s Not Fast…..NOT!

I met James a couple months ago through another friend (Cory). We went to his house to visit and check things out and I actually ended up wiring up his new radio to put in the car. He never got around to starting the car because he was still doing some work on it, so a live introduction would have to wait.

I have always been a fan of static dropped cars that can’t make it over pebbles in the road, but after seeing the motor in this thing and hearing about the power it was putting out, I knew I had to set up a shoot and get a ride in it!

I reached out to James through Cory after we left to let him know I wanted to shoot the car once it was “ready”.

That time finally came last weekend!

While I waited for James to wash the car, I picked his brain to gather some details about it. I knew it was a 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII and that I wired the aftermarket radio to put in it, but that’s about it. He rambled off details about the motor and drive train, that pretty much went in one ear and out the other. I was too giddy and excited. I just wanted to get in and experience it!

The shots are below followed by the details/specs of the car. Enjoy!


  • 600whp on low boost (30psi), 750-800whp capable
  • 2.0L half epoxy filled and O-ringed block
  • Carrillo Pro H-beam rods
  • Manley 11.5:1 gas ported forged pistons
  • Kurt Brown ported head with Kiggly high PSI springs, retainers
  • GSC S3 cams
  • ARP 625 head studs
  • Skunk2 ported intake
  • Boomba 75mm throttle body
  • Garrett GTX3582R .82AR T3
  • Tial MV-R 44mm wastegate, Tial 50mm BOV
  • ETS 4.5” core intercooler
  • 3.5” stainless downpipe, 3” aluminum exhaust


  • Runs on E-85
  • Dual Walbro 450 E-85 in tank pumps
  • Bosch 2200cc injectors


  • Exedy triple disk HD clutch
  • TRE stage three 5 speed, 4:11 final drive, Evo VIIII first gear
  • TRE non-ACD transfer case with factory LSD
  • TRE rear differential, 12plate max-lock, HD ninja side cover

All fabrication and assembly done by the owner, James!