Blinded By The Light

The equipment I ordered and wrote about last week finally arrived!

I knew I should have bought two lights, but, I have been practicing with the one light that I have and have captured a few nice shots.

I ended up ordering another flash and umbrella stand last week, so that should be arriving later this week.

I will post some shots that are worth posting later today or tomorrow.

It’s About That Time

The overall goal was to buy Alien Bee’s to start messing around with off-camera flash photography.

That plan was pushed to the back burner and I decided to go with a much cheaper alternative.

I have one Canon 430EX flash, so I bought a CowboyStudio Single Flash Shoe Swivel kit along with their NPT-04 wireless triggers.

The kit comes with a 33 inch soft white shot through umbrella.

I bought an extra 33 inch black and silver umbrella along with a 43 inch multi disc light reflector.

Obviously this will only give me one off camera flash.  But, I figured I would start off small to see what I can do.

The total for everything listed above was $90 since I already had the Canon 430EX.

I should be receiving everything by the end of this week, so you will be seeing some shots posted shortly after that.

A list of everything that I bought is listed below:

CowboyStudio Single Flash Shoe Swivel Kit

CowboyStudio NPT-04 wireless triggers

33 inch black and silver umbrella

43 inch multi disc light reflector