Frey Lumber & Pallet

This past weekend, my family and I visited my Pennsylvania family for my cousins graduation party.

We arrived early Friday afternoon, so I used that time to go to Frey Lumber and Pallet in Smithfield, PA (my cousins’s husbands business) to snap some photos around the mill for use on the new website I will be developing for them in the near future.

This was my first time visiting a lumber mill, and I must say, lumber mills are very loud and very dusty!

I also didn’t think about the fact that there would be saw dust flying everything, getting all over me and my camera equipment. I had to do a thorough cleaning of my camera after I was done, otherwise, there was no way I would have been able to switch lenses without saw dust getting into the camera.

The first photo is a 9 shot panorama of the entire lumber mill. Click on it to open a larger version of it.