Foxy 91

I had seen a childhood friend post a couple photos of his fox body Mustang on Facebook a couple months ago, and ever since then, I have wanted to shoot it.

Being a fan of that body style, and having the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat of a couple of them with big motors in the past, it gave me the itch to want to shoot it even more.

Jon actually text messaged me on Saturday saying that we needed to set up the shoot soon because he wanted to get a big canvas print made.  He stated he wanted to have the car shot in front of some graffiti.

Living 15 minutes from downtown Detroit, I knew finding graffiti to shoot his car in front of wouldn’t be hard to find.  I reached out to my friend Justin, since I knew he could point me in the right direction of some awesome graffiti.

He sent me this link

I clicked the link, watched the video on the site, and knew that is where I wanted to take the car to do the shoot.

We set up the shoot for Sunday afternoon and headed down Gratiot Avenue towards the city.  Cut West on Mack Avenue, then shot up Grand River Avenue to get to the Grand River Creative Corridor.

I have never seen graffiti like this in my life.  The detail and pop of the colors made me stand there and want to look at every single square inch of the art pieces, making me forget that I was doing a photoshoot!

We hit up a couple different spots on the Grand River Creative Corridor during the 2 hour shoot.

Graffiti credits to Kosek and Sintex