Freaky Low

I went out last Saturday to shoot a Scion xB for a feature on and was able to get a much better roller of Justin’s Civic.

I must say, I have never been in a static dropped vehicle as low as his.  I opened the door, plopped all of my equipment in the back seat, and got in.  I was literally sitting on the ground.  We took off, and I instantly heard the floor boards scraping on the cement.

We hit a bad patch of road on 16 Mile Road while getting rollers of the xB.  I thought a bomb went off under the car.  I hit my head on the roof.  The driver of the xB said the entire car was in the air.  A soda can popped in the back seat spraying soda everywhere!  It was insane!

And yes, Justin daily drives and delivers for Jimmy John’s in his Civic.