Dabbed Out

I recently did a two round portrait session for my friend Marty so he has some portraits/headshots for future use.

I have done portraits in the past, even my own self-portrait, using a two strobe setup shot through white umbrellas.

For both of these rounds, I used a two strobe setup. However, I changed it up and shot one strobe through a white umbrella (camera right) with the other strobe bare and behind the subject (camera left) as a fill light on the right side of the subjects face.

This was my first time trying this technique out, and I am very glad that I did! Below is a digital representation of the lighting/studio setup that I used.

Dabbed Out Setup (Actual)

As I was shooting, I realized I needed a small amount of light bounced from the strobe being shot through the white umbrella onto the right side of the subjects face. The fill light wasn’t enough, and it was leaving the right side of his face a little dark.

I needed the collapsible disc reflector (white side facing the subject) to be held up on the right side of the subjects face, but I only have two arms, and I don’t have an assistant.

My next equipment purchase will be a reflector arm stand/holder which will allow me to use/position the collapsible disc reflector to my specifications without the need to grow more arms or hire an assistant.

Below is a digital representation of the lighting/studio setup that I wish I had at the time.

Dabbed Out Setup (Wish)

All in all, the portraits still turned out great in my opinion.

Stylist for 2nd portrait session: Stein Van Bael

100 Prime

In my quest to fill my bag with all prime lenses, along with the photos I will be taking in the near future, I purchased the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM from Woodward Camera yesterday.

I snapped some test shots earlier this morning to test it’s portrait and macro capabilities before I take it out in the wild.

I was able to utilized the natural light coming through the South facing window in our living room for both shots.

I wanted to bump the f-stop up for the portrait, but there wasn’t enough light, so I ended up keeping it at 2.8

1/60 sec @ Æ’/2.8, ISO 400

The sun was shining bright when I started to test the macro capabilities, so I was able to bump the f-stop up a little to capture more detail.

Below is the macro of a cured flower from the “Paradise Island” cola (pictured above) I shot a couple weeks ago for Cannabis Family Seeds.

1/320 sec @ Æ’/6.3, ISO 400

I highly recommend checking out the high res version of the macro by CLICKING HERE!