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This past weekend, we ventured out on our second Oscoda camping trip of the year. This time, Uncle Jeff came, and Kesyn didn’t sleep nearly as much as the first time. The weather was perfect, with no rain at all. Mornings were heavy with fog though.

My main goal was to take a photo of the Milky Way. I checked the lunar calendar, and conditions were going to be perfect. I took some shots into the sky, and the end results don’t make me too happy. Even though this is no where near the quality level for release to the public, I will show it anyways.

Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm | f/4 | 30 seconds | 1600 ISO

Here is another that I took the same night, after my Milky Way attempt

Of course Nova

And Kesyn

And a lil’ sumpin’ extra…

A 38 shot “Brenizer” of Uncle Jeff standing in the woods by the camp site. This was just a test to see how it would look with the trees in the foreground and background.