I’m A Happy Helper

Got a text from Zach yesterday morning (2/19/2017) letting me know they would be having a group work day all day at Urbanrest.

I assisted in building “table 22”, moved stuff around, drank some beer, and snapped some shots. And of course, I didn’t get a single photo of “table 22” when it was done!

Can’t wait for them to open!!!

Peeking in

The chairs you will eventually be sitting on

Emissionless transportation

Zach looking at something

Mary sweeping

Scott protecting his beer

Beer will eventually flow through that hose

No clue what that thing is

Zach returning from a house run

Mary taking a break

Hello 2017

I haven’t touched my camera since December 24, 2016. This happens every winter. I get in a funk and don’t have any interest in taking the camera out of the bag.

I was playing the Oreo Cookie Factory board game at the kitchen table with Nova this afternoon, and the natural light coming through the South window didn’t go unseen as it hit her face. I threw the 100mm on, told her it was time for some photos, and started shooting.

She even stood still long enough for me to get a macro shot of her right eye!

Kesyn was taking a nap the whole time, but was only about it for about 30 seconds.

It’s what happens when you are sick 🙁